Jesus' mighty self-testimonial 

The Relation of Father and Son

Jesus in the Temple about the Father - Son relation



Jesus' mighty self-testimonial 


Here an excerpt from the Great Gospel with Jesus revealing and discussing with His disciples the essence of His divine nature: 


"I am - now as a man in the flesh before you - the Son and was never begotten by anyone else but Myself and, thus, I am My very own Father from eternity. Where else could then the Father be but in the Son and where else the Son but in the Father, thus one God and Father in one person.


This body of Mine is, therefore, the glorified form of the Father for the sake of men and angels, so that I may be to them a conceivable and visible God. Now you can see, hear and speak to Me and yet live, for formerly it was said that no one could see God and live. Thus, I am completely God; within Me is the Father, and the power emanating from Me through My love, wisdom and almighty will, actively filling endless space everywhere, is the Holy Spirit.


As you now see Me among you as a God-man, I am definitely here with you in this dining hall on the Mount of Olives with the centre of My entire primordial being completely and undivided and am, therefore, nowhere else, as a truest God and man simultaneously, neither on this earth nor anywhere else.


However, with the power emanating from Me, which is the Holy Spirit, I fill actively all the heavens and the earthly material as well as the endless space. I see everything, from the greatest to the smallest, know everything, am aware of everything, control, create, guide and rule everything." (GGJ 8/27, 2-4)



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The Relation of Father and Son


Jesus to Jewish and Roman listeners answering a statement of Cyrenius: [GEJ.04_252,01]


The Father is within Me in all fulness; However, I, als the external human Am still just a son of Him and in My soul only know what He reveals to Me! Yes, I am the flame of His love and My soul is the light coming from the fire of the love of the Father; but you very well know how wonderful the light will perform!


The sun of which light emanates has within itself and at its very center a mechanism. This, however only the center of the sun knows about. The outer light, despite the fact that it invigorates everything does not know about it and nowhere shows an image wherefrom the set up of the innermost mechanism could be seen.


The Father has been within Me from eternity, but His innermost reveals itself to My soul only when He Himself wants it. Yet I know about everything that has been in the Father from eternity; still, the Father has many a thing in His innermost Being that is unknown to the Son. He also must ask the Father whenever He wants to know about it. 


But the hour will come soon, when the Father within Me will also in His innermost be completely at one with Me, the only Son from eternity, as likewise the Father's Spirit in your souls will soon fully unite with the souls in your bodies. Only then will all that cannot possibly be made known to you at the present time be revealed to you through the Father's Spirit within you."  


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Jesus in the Temple about the Father - Son relation


In vol 6 chapter 2 on, the event John describes in his gospel 5, 14-27 is once more recounted (in more detail). It is of course all about the Sonship of Jesus.


The Lord first meets the family of Lazarus of Bethany; and they accompany Him and the disciples to the temple.  After Jesus has given His first testimony to His sonship of God a veritable uproar arises in the temple. Now the Lord commands silence and soon there is peace and also the angry Jewish priests listen quietly as He continues. 


(The Lord:) [2,13] "In truth, in very truth, anyone who gives heed to what I say and puts his trust in Him Who sent Me to you people on this earth has eternal life and does not, where his soul is concerned, come under judgment which is the death of matter, but has through such an earnest, living faith already passed from death to true eternal life. 


[2,14] " And again I tell you: In truth, in very truth, the hour is coming, indeed it is already here, when those dead in body and soul shall hear the voice of the Son of God, and all who hear it and believe will thereby come to life eternal. For, as the Father has life-giving power in Himself, so has the Son by the Father's gift from eternity. He also gave Him the right to pass judgment on all men, because the eternal Son of God is at present also a Son of Man."

In Chapter 3 [GGJ.06/3]  the Lord, according to John 5, 28-39, refers to the testimony given to His deeds and His works by the Father. These testify, according to the truth, that Jesus was sent to this earth by the Father as His Son. When they do not believe but demur, the Lord tells them: 


"Do examine the Scripture yourselves ... it testifies to Me a hundredfold!", adding: [11] "What have you against Me? Do you dislike the fact that I come to you without any outward sign of splendour lest you become very despondent, faint-hearted and full of fear? 


" Did Elias, when he received in spirit a prophecy about My coming, see Jehovah pass by in the storm or in the fire while he was hidden in the cave? No, Jehovah passed by in a gentle rustling. And behold, this is now taking place before your eyes. Why do you not want to believe it? Do not My works, done before thousands of witnesses, bear the truest testimony to it? Has anyone ever performed such deeds on earth?"

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In Chapter 4 [GGJ.06/4] the dispute of Jesus (we are in his three years of teaching) with the Jewish priests about their unbelief sharpens (according to John 5, 40-47) and, finally, the Lord remonstrates with them: 


[8] "If you in your worldly-mindedness had ever believed in Moses, you would now also believe in Me." 


Thereupon the priests assert that every week they have Moses and the Prophets read to them, but the Lord retorts: 


[12] "To be sure, you hear them with your ears, provided you do not go to sleep with your full bellies during the reading, but in your heart you have never listened to them because that is always diverted in all directions with its eager desires." 


When the people begin to abuse the priests, the latter quickly withdraw to their quarters in the temple. But the Lord and the disciples walk with Lazarus'family to the two hours distant property of Lazarus at Bethany.

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