The Human Form of God


[GGJ.02/144,04] Who does not love as the most perfect human being can love his fellow man all the less who is a highly imperfect person! But as it is written that God has made man to His image, what should God be anything else - as man is formed like Him - then also a human, albeit a most perfect one. Or, do I now look different from an human because you, My little child have seen a few small drops of My splendor?  


[GGJ.06/088,03] "But if you still ask saying: 'Ok, but where is God and what does He look like?' I'll tell you that nobody can see  the specific Being of God and stay alive, - because it is infinite and thus ever present. And thus, being of pure spirit, it is the innermost of every thing and every being meaning as far as the effective light of His willpower is concerned. Within Himself and for Him God is a human like I and as well as you, living in an inaccessible light which the world of spirits calls Sun of Grace. But this Sun of Grace  is not God Himself but just the result of His love and wisdom.


[SA.01/039,03] "God, Who is that Great Spirit, is a most perfect man of all men. He has hands like us, has feet like us, has a body like we have and His head is like ours. But He does not work with the hands and walk with His feet, but all the infinite power is in His will. And with this unfathomable power of His wisdom He creates and controls everything.


Further reference: SPS.02/060,16-18; HHG.02/138,26; RB.02/249,03; SA.01/010,14.



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