Who is God?

The Father within Me is eternal love.


Is Jesus God?

Father, Son and Holy Spirit

The Outward Manifestation of God

The Omnipresence of God

The Kingdom of God

The Dwelling of God

The Seven Spirits of God  

The Love of God 

God's Grace and Wrath

The Fear of God






We find many instructive references to God in Scripture but never before did God give a description and definition of Himself more precise and more clear as in His New Word through Jakob Lorber and the other two prophets/scribes. It is a huge calling card presented to a more mature mankind.


God, who introduced Himself as "Jesus Emanuel Yehova Zebaoth" (3D.30,9), is


  • pure love - the essence of God is love. 

  • uncreated - God is the only being which was never created

  • unique - there is no other God

  • almighty - His power has no limit

  • all-knowing - His knowledge is unlimited

  • all-present - He is constantly present in every atom of the material universe, in the heart of every human and at the same time everywhere in the infinite space. 

  • eternal - He had no beginning and has no end

  • infinite - His power extends into endless space and covers everything everywhere in infinity. This is why God is beyond comprehension. (GGJ.4:74.5; GGJ.7,71.10; HHG.2:164. 5-6)


God also manifests Himself (GGJ.4:257,10; HHG.2:139.20) as


  • Pure Spirit - He fills space in all directions.

  • Power center - This infinite Spirit has a substantially established center, a focal point where all the creative power is united into an active force.

  • Manlike being - This focal point of the power of God has human shape, the eternally most perfect man. This is why it is written that God made man "in His image" [GGJ.6:88.3; GGJ.5:74.4].


[GGJ.09:025,01] Says the Lord: "There you are right. Created man will, of course, never be able to compare himself to the actual primordial being of God. However, within created man there also dwells through God's eternal will, an uncreated, eternal spirit out of God, and this can be limited in man quite as little as in the actual primordial being of God Himself, since it is one with God." 

God advising descendents of Adam: 

"I have put My Spirit into everything in creation, even the smallest atom, to enable matter to develop into something greater and higher".


[HHG.02_139,20] "So as to extricate you from your endlessly silly dreams I have taken pity on your folly and will give you a true light for your dark hearts, and So listen: What you call the infinity of space, is the Spirit of My Will, which from eternities had made this very endless space filling it throughout with beings of every kind. This Spirit has a personal central point in which all the power of this infinite Spirit is united into one activity, and this power center of the infinite Divine Spirit Being is Love, as the life of this very Spirit; and I am this Love from eternity.

"Although God's Spirit can actively manifest everywhere, as a person lt cannot manifest without love; but when God manifests in person He manifests if possible for finite beings such as you are through His love, which is the actual fundamental essence of God and the rallying-point of all might, power and holiness of the infinite Spirit.

"Behold, this is the essence of God in all truth and can only be grasped with the heart, but not ever with the intellect.



"God is out of Himself the supreme and most perfect original man, that is, this man is in himself a fire whose essence is love, a light whose essence is intelligence and wisdom, and a warmth whose essence is life itself in the fullest sphere of its self-awareness. 


As the intensity of the fire increases, so does that of the light, and the all-creating warmth grows mightier within the light and radiates into great distances, creating there as it does within itself. The created keeps absorbing more and more light and warmth; it shines and keeps eternally spreading from the original fire, the original light and the original warmth, forever pervading more and more the endless expanses of creation. 


And so everything has its origin in the o n e primordial being of God and keeps developing until it resembles the original nature of primordial man. Then it can exist out of God in independent freedom.  


> The human form of God

> More about the Nature of God


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References: N112.0: Fl.01/007,06+07; GGJ.04/255,02; GGJ.04/257,11; GS.02/013,02; HGt.02/139,20.


We learn:

 I tell you: Who hears My word, accepts it as the truth and faithfully lives and acts according to it will henceforth neither feel nor taste death! 


Out of the infinite number of creations of the past and those of the future this is the only one where God decided to take up flesh and reveal Himself to His children:  


[FL.01/007,06] "Imagine all infinity or a space with a center out of which endless beams emanate in all directions whose beginning is the center point all right, but whose end will not be found! "


[FL.01/007,07] "Concentrated within this focal point is all living power of all infinity and it emanates from this center again into all infinity. However, for this living power not to become dispersed into the most infinite and by that be weakened, it has created within all infinity of space an infinite number of focal points where life kind of catches itself and again returns to its eternal main residence."


[GGJ.04/255,02] "At all the uncountable pas creations - which all had the form of a giant primary human - I never wrapped Myself through the power of My will in flesh as a man on any earthlike planet but communicated with the respective human beings only with pure angelic spirits formed for that creation. Of all previous creations and of those yet to come in endless eternity, only this period of creation, and only this small celestial body which happens to be the Earth, is destined to have Me present in my primal godly being, in the flesh and in the most intimate form, and to be taught by me personally."


Jesus is the focal point of the Godhead:

[GGJ.04/257,10 on]

The Lord: "You will have grasped that the eternal space of creation is filled with nothing else but My Spirit, which is pure love, thus life, light, wisdom, clearest self-awareness, a certain feeling, perception, vision, hearing, thinking, volition and action. Within Me is the main focal point of life of this one, forever immutable, Spirit, that is yet united with its outer life-ether which fills all infinity. In contrast to the soul's outer life-sphere which, as a substance, cannot spread beyond the limits of a certain space because of the diversity of the foreign elements it encounters, the outer life-ether of the Spirit cannot ever come across foreign elements since it is basically all things itself. Thus, it can without hindrance forever see, feel, hear and understand all. And on this is based, easily comprehensible, the omniscience of God which you find so hard to grasp."

More on Jesus see chapter 'Jesus'.


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The Father = God's eternal love

The Son = God's light and wisdom

The Holy Spirit = God's mighty will


All of the above are united in ONE BEING, ONE PERSON. And this is Jesus Emanuel Jehova Zebaoth.


Father and Son.
In GGJ.04/252,07 Jesus explains to His disciples that the "Father" and the "Son" have to be the same. He takes the sun as comparison: The fire inside the sun is the Father and the resulting light is the Son. So there can not be the Son without the Father.


"Jesus Christ is the only God and Lord of all heavens and all worlds! He is within Himself just because of His eternal infinite love the Father, and because of His infinite wisdom the son and because of His eternal almighty intangible holyness the Holy Spirit Himself" [SpS.01:074,14]. 


So, Jesus is God. The “Son”, the “Father” and the Holy Spirit (more...).


Bottom line: The Spirit of Jesus is the “Father” (in Him). Jesus’ spiritual soul is the “Son of God” whereas His bodily soul is the “Son of Man”.


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God is eternal, infinite and all powerful:

The archangel Raphael:


"God is in Himself eternal and infinite. Endless space is solely filled with Him. He, as the most sublime, purest and greatest thought and the forever most perfect idea in - and out of - Himself can, being all this from eternity, do nothing but incessantly produce thoughts, in His whole infinity, which is full of the same; we (the 'primordial angels'), however, being His to you people since unimaginable times matured and now independent living ideas full of light, wisdom, cognition and willpower, have also an infinite number of servants under us who, as it were, constitute our arms and who recognize and promptly fulfill our will.

The pure thoughts of God are the stuff out of which everything that is contained in infinity has come into being.


God = infinite space = infinite time = highest and most perfect life. [GGJ.08/028,17] 


> Infinite space and time


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The Omnipresence of God


And the chief city judge says: "Now I understand totally and completely that you are truely the Lord and Creator of all physical and spiritual world! Still I wanted to ask you how you are in a position to act in the distance through the power of your will while personally present just here among us." 


"The Father, I, as the Son, and the Holy Spirit are distinguishably one and the same from eternity.


Say I: "This is My body which, like yours, consists of flesh and blood and is actually that part of Me called the Son of God, is certainly here with you and nowhere else simultaneously. But the power of the God-Spirit issuing from Me fills all infinity and works in accordance with My fundamental will at the moment when I say the 'let there be', albeit only in My innermost. So all you see is fundamentally nothing but My firm and immutable will. This is also an attribute of all the purer spirits, in particular My angels, who are always ready to serve Me." [GGJ.10/195,02-04] 


God is infinite, infinity is God, He rules infinity fro His God-center. Every visible and invisible thing is a thought of God. Thus God is everywhere all the time.


The Lord telling people he leaves behind as He moves on to Tyre with the Apostles and His disciples:


 [GGJ.08/158,16] "Even though I shall not be with and among you bodily, I shall be with you actively in spirit. For in spirit I am always present everywhere since I must maintain and direct all things in eternal infinity. lf I were not omnipresent in spirit, all existence would come to an end and there would not exist any created beings in the whole of infinity. 


This should already be clear to you. For through the power of My living and most active will I am Myself from eternity all in everything and everything is within Me. The Father, Who has sent Me as a Son of Man into this world, is within Me. But I and He are not two but completely one and, therefore, the Father's will is also My will and it is active everywhere."


More about:

God's Spirit permeating infinity, the omnipresence of God in matter, God will never forsake you, here.





The Kingdom of God


The kingdom of God is the infinite space. At the same time it is present in the heart of every human being.


Jesus: "My kingdom was placed in little heart of every human," (RB.2, 278,4)


He calls His kingdom which He gave us "His kingdom of love - the kingdom of God": "But only he/she, who walks the short distance from head (mind) to heart is able to discover and to conquer it."


Read here more about the spirit world.


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The Dwelling of God


Via Jakob Lorber God tells us all about His center, His dwelling.


God's home is called the "Spiritual Sun" or "Sun of Grace". While we learn about the unimaginably huge size of the material universe we are told about the incomparably bigger size of this sun of grace. The rays emanating from this sun fill all eternity and are in effect the limitless power of the Holy Spirit. The center of this sun of grace consists of the uncreated God-Center formed like a human being. 


This God-Center, however, has come into existence only since the fall of Lucifer. 


"Emperors and beggars are equal before Me, and what they are does not count with Me."

GGJ. 06:143,3

The Lord: "After the fall of Lucifer, when the material world came into existence, the Spiritual Sun as the seat of the Deity was created. However, it was not to be understood as the only concentration. The light was present everywhere in the spiritual world, but prior to My earthly life this Spiritual Sun had not been visible to physical man as long as his soul was bound to his body. When it became visible, it was a crowning of the faith of the spirit-beings. For it was visible only to them, but now it can also be seen by any person who believes in Me as soon as his spiritual eye is opened, because the Man Jesus can at all times reveal His entire Kingdom to all who believe in Him. [GGJ 11/075,10]


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The three principal spirits of God. 

  • LOVE. It is His first and foremost spirit. God's love creates through the aim of giving happyness the "light" within it and thus divine 

  • WISDOM. Finally Love and wisdom whish to realize their creational thoughts and thus awaken the effective 

  • WILLPOWER and might, called the Holy Spirit. It is present throughout infinity.


In addition to the three principal Spirits there are

  • ORDER - it gives the creation purpose and form, 

  • EARNEST - for existence, growth and reproduction,

  • PATIENCE - it guarantees peaceful maturation of created beings  

  • MERCY - which helps even beings opposed to God and almost lost and eventually leads them into perfection.

> The Seven Spirits revealed by the Lord.


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(GGJ.03/53, 4-10) 

Thereupon the Lord speaks: "Mathael has already given you some of its fundamentals. For the rest His teaching can be summed up in that one shall love God above all and one's neighbor as oneself.


"To love God above all means, of course: To recognize God and His revealed will, then act accordingly out of true inner love for Him and, furthermore, to treat all fellowmen for God's sake in the same manner as every reasonable human would treat himself. What is meant here is, of course, the pure and in the highest degree unselfish love, both for God and for every fellowman. As the good shall only be loved because it is good and therefore true, also God wants to be loved because He alone is supremely good and true. Thus, you must love your fellowman because he is, like you, in the image of God and, like you, carries a divine spirit within. 


"Behold, this is the real essence of His teaching which is easy to observe, yes, even much easier than the thousand laws of the temple which for the most part abound with the selfishness of its servants. If man closely follows this new teaching, his hitherto bound spirit becomes ever freer, grows and finally permeates the whole man thus drawing everything into his life. This life is of God and must, therefore, last forever in the highest possible degree of bliss.


Every man thus reborn in his spirit, as it were, will never see, feel or taste death, and to be separated from his flesh will give him the greatest happiness.


God wants to be loved jealously because He also loves us jealously:

Say I (Jesus): "That is just the right way, I tell you. Who does not love Me quite jealously as you do and wants to possess Me in his heart as if exclusively, has still no true, living love for Me. And if he does not possess this, he also does not possess the fullness of life within, for I am the true life in man through the love for Me in his soul, and this love is My Spirit in every human. [GGJ.02/41,04]


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God's Grace - God's Wrath


The Lord speaking to Eve: "I tell you, Eve: Where I spead Me greatest pity there My strongest wrath shall be spread as well. [HHG.02/005,16] 


Other bodies in space will be judged by angels, but the earth by God personally. [HHG.02/005,17]


Jesus is teaching about this subject


'Thereupon Cyrenius said, somewhat embarrassed: "Lord, no one but me has asked You anything, and it looks as if You bear me a grudge because of this." 


Thereupon the Lord: "How can you misunderstand My words to such a degree? How can I bear you a grudge when I show you in full earnest and forever truly what is most necessary for your life and that of every other human? Behold, how limited your power of judgment still is. To whom can the purest original love of all love in God ever bear a grudge? 


Whenever you read about a wrath of God you shall thereby understand the eternally even and firm earnest of His will; and this earnest of will in God is the innermost heart of the very same purest and mightiest love from which infinity and all the works in it have gone forth. Surely, this love can never bear anyone a grudge in eternity. Or does anyone of you think that God, like a foolish man, could be angry?" 

The Lord's lecture about Grace and Wrath.

Jesus explaining the reasons for the flood and other environmental catastrophes here. [GGJ.04/143,01] 



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Knowing the laws which Moses gave one can imagine the problems of the learned Jews: Moses preaches the fear of Yahweh and Jesus tells them to love God. This rather controversial subject is clarified in a discussion of Jesus with a teacher of the law who spontaneously remarks: 


"I am now standing completely destroyed before You; for what is man before You?", the Lord says: "There had been between Me and you men an endless chasm (more...)

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 Questions and Answers


Are there limits to the power of God?

Does God communicate?

Are we listening? 

The New Jerusalem has started to come



Are there limits to the power of God?

The only limits are: He cannot create a second infinity, a second eternity or a second, identical God. [GGJ.10/207,06] 

Self imposed limit: Respect of the free will of humans. He therefore limits His interference with man's actions. = = 


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Does God communicate?

Jesus to his disciples: "Do you now realize that I want to show you in this My teaching a totally different road by which anyone can, if he wants to, attain to all the heavenly wisdom in the shortest time possible?


I am this way, the truth and the life. I shall always come in spirit to the one who has lovingly let Me into his soul, not merely believing according to the given word, but fully believing according to the deed. And I shall reveal Myself to him and enlighten him, as the rising sun lightens the hitherto dark regions of the earth. With one inner spiritual glance he will grasp in its depth more than he could have done through reading and mere studying in ten times a hundred thousand years, provided a man could live that long." (GGJ05/124,7)


Bread of the heavens

"The true bread of the heavens should be enjoyed genuinely. However, as it was adulterated by the teachers through different additions and thus does not give healthy food for the spirit, it now has resulted in a lingering of spiritual life of the highest degree. Therefore I have to resort to drastic means and put My will, the nature of My being, to those who search not only into their hearts but virtually dictate it directly into their pen. I have to speak humanly and communicate in a simple and condescending  way although this will be a stumbling block and by many regarded as ridiculous." (Adv. A, ch.2)


"The time has come where everybody who so desires can be taught and instructed directly by God." (GGJ.06/058.16)


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Are we listening

"Starting form the first man on this earth up until this hour not even one year has passed in which men remained without any revelation from Me. This, however, happened always in a way that their free will was not forced, otherwise man would not be man but just a machine of My will. 


However, that God does not let Himself be found as quickly and easily as many a person would like has a most wise reason. If men would easily find what they seek, what they have found would soon no longer be of value to them and they would not go to the trouble of continuing their seeking and exploring. They would become indolent, and the so easily and quickly found spiritual treasure would be of even less use to them than if they have to keep seeking it anxiously, finding it in this world only seldom fully and then with great effort.


This is why great revelations are rare so that men, uneasy in the night of their soul, start digging and strive to find eternal truth and thus Me." (GGJ09, 19)


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The New Jerusalem has started to come

Jesus to His disciples: "The teachings I give you now is forever but in those times men will not receive it veiled. And this will be the New Jerusalem which will come down from the heavens to this earth." (GGJ.09:90)


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