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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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  In a Nutshell
 The Lord warns us - Page 1

Next to the reiteration of love for mankind in His New Word, God leaves no doubt about the consequences mankind faces if it turns away from Him, if faith disappears, if people discard God for the sake of material advantages and sensual pleasures.

One cannot say that this has not happened before this generation. It was there, when He gave the New Revelation to Lorber/Engel/Mayerhofer in the 19th century. What is new since WWII is the exponential growth in consumption and related exploitation and carelessness for the Earth commonly called environmental pollution and destruction. The situation was hopeless 30 years ago (conferences of Rome and Stockholm) and is irreversible today, especially considering the attitude of the present US administration.

These developments were predicted 150 years ago in the New Revelation texts:

Science without God (Jesus speaking):  "...all science engages only the reason which lodges in the brain; but the heart, as the foundation of life, remains coarse, cruel and wild as that of a beast of prey and works even more evil with the aid of science than without it. For with an ungodly heart science is a true light to evil of every kind and type. Therefore, My friends and brothers, first of all give the blind a true light to life into their heart and let such light at first illumine the soul‘s understanding, then all science will become a true blessing to man." [GGJ.03/175,4]

Ecologic disasters.
(The Lord): "Contrary to his destination man has debased and abused himself and the nature he is surrounded with and the consequence are all grievance which haunt man- kind now with evils and sufferings of all kind spiritually and materially" [LS p.90].

"It is quite possible that as time goes by people make great inventions and thereby begin to affect the nature of the earth, which must in the end spring a real leak [environmental damage, the ed.]. Of course, the result of this will not be pleasant and appear as a sure punishment for the wrongly applied will; yet all this will not be intended by Me but will be a consequence of man‘s will." [GGJ.05/109, 6]

"Man does not need much for his life on this earth, but man‘s arrogance, indolence, pride, selfishness and lust for power have enormous needs and are yet never satisfied... For splendor has a big stomach which is insatiable... "

"I tell you: The yoke which I lay on your necks is gentle, and the burden which I offer you to carry is light as a feather compared to what you now carry day by day. How can the soul under such heavy cares be expected to find any time to do also something for the awakening of God‘s spirit within it? Yes, your souls and those of millions of people do no longer even know that they are the carriers of God‘s spirit. Thus, you are, together with your subjects, dead and truly children of Satan." [GGJ.03/10, 3 on].

Destruction of forests:
The Lord: "If they want to see the whole Earth aflame, let them destroy all the forests. As a result of this the nature spirits (electricity) will increase, so much so that the Earth will suddenly become enveloped by an ocean of fire and lightning. Would it then be also My wish to punish the Earth through fire? Therefore, do teach men to be wise, lest they bring about their own judgment. But, although I know that these events will happen, I can and must not intervene through My omnipotence, but only through the precept." [GGJ.05/109,07]11

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