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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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When I seem to say the least I say most - And where I seem to say the most, I just say as much as you can bear.


 Jesus‘ Mission

The Mission of Jesus was to build a bridge by which mankind would be in a position to free itself from matter and attain the free spiritual life. The condition was total submission to the will of God and thus a sinless life. Initially God created Adam for that purpose. But Adam failed.  

So God had no choice but to send His "Son" to fulfill this mission. Jesus chose to obey these conditions out of His free will. By leading a sinless life and even freely accept death on the cross, Jesus built this bridge. This bridge itself is salvation because every human being can take it. The only prerequisites are to repent and believe and love Jesus Christ.

To read how God describes this mission and the meaning of the sacrifice of Jesus in great detail,

Explaining what happened after His death on the cross and what was the compelling reason of Him becoming man and this death the Lord elaborates (GGJ 11:075.0 2 on):  

Jesus‘s active death
"It has already previously been explained on several occasions that Adam, as the first man of this earth - that is, a man possessing full spiritual freedom - had been created so as to represent a form, out of which matter could be led back into the free life of spirit. This entailed above all the overcoming of matter itself, that is, voluntarily a state had to be brought about where all base qualities, such as worldly lusts, desires and inclinations, had to be eliminated in order to enable a free ascent to the purest spirit-life.

"It has been said often enough that the human soul comes from the minutest beginnings, grows and develops to ever higher spheres of awareness until it, finally, in man again reaches that form which is no longer capable of development as an earthly form, but only as a soul-form. Thus, in man two principles meet: The end of material life as clearly defined self-awareness and the beginning of an immutable life of the soul in the highest attainable perfection of form. Therefore, on this thin borderline of earthly life man cannot ignore the awareness of being alive - for he himself is proof to this -, yet he can be totally unaware of having reached the threshold to a spiritual life, which is now beginning in its unchangeable human form. In other words: After going through many physical changes having as their goal the human form, this remains now unchanged in its general aspect. But now there begins a change of the soul, the purpose of which is to more and more approach the God-Spirit Itself and unite with It.

The bridge
"Whoever can think, let him think! What can happen if this transition is not effected? For here, matter and spirit oppose each other diametrically. Though purifying one another more and more, as polarities they are never able to touch completely. Here a road must be shown, a bridge built over which one can attain from matter to spirit! This road must be an example which everybody is able to follow. Unless this road were found, that is, unless a man entered upon the same, it would be impossible to shake off matter and enter into a free, spiritual life.

"Therefore, once they have reached the borderline from where the spiritual road is possible, the Deity Itself must endeavor to draw to It Its created beings, whom out of love and for the sake of their salvation It forced onto the road of matter, thus leading them into the relationship of the Father to the child. Adam was meant to build this bridge within himself. He actually had an easy task, for the enticements of matter were very slight compared to now.  

All that was required in his case was to conquer himself, be obedient, and the bridge was built and spiritual life could awaken and blossom within him, since obedience to God is the only means by which to test a man, who is otherwise free of sin. All other sins follow from disobedience, as anyone can easily observe with children. Adam fell, and thus a stepping back into matter occurred, that is, into that polarity which can distance itself as far from God as it can ascend to God and to ever-growing bliss.

Adam and the origin of all sins
"With this fall, sin had come into the world, because God does not ever create a thing in order to again destroy it, but the once taken road is followed and sought to correct, as it were, since divine wisdom from the outset makes allowance for a failure. When it is a matter of creating free beings, not spirit-machines, the only road to it is the road of self-development in man.  

But with the division of the human race into nations a vast number of sins of every description occurred which resulted in a succession of ever deeper falls, their beginning as disobedience being an accomplished fact. In other words: Had Adam not been disobedient, none of his descendants could have been disobedient, because he would have destroyed in himself a germ which could no longer have been passed on. But Adam fertilized this germ, and in his descendants it grew into a tree which hardly allowed the light of the sun to shine through its rigid foliage.

"Oftentimes, extremely strong souls have tried to break through this foliage so that the sun could shine through, the very ancient religions of mankind being proof of the partial success of such attempts. But these strong souls did not succeed in striking the core of the tree and break its crown to bring about the death of this mighty tree.

They did not succeed because they themselves were not without sin in their earthly life, first enjoying the world before they felt thirsty for truth, for the knowledge of God. The world tasted stale to them, only then did they look for something better.

"The ancient Indian religions are the oldest known to you; for the ancient Egyptian religion in its true version was the oldest, but its knowledge has been lost. All these teachers were such strong souls, who broke through the foliage for themselves, showed the way, described and said true and genuine things, yet were unable to write differently than they did in their time, so that many things have now become superseded, which is easy to understand considering the circumstances. Let the following serve as explanation:

Jesus - the visible God
"Prior to His incarnation as Jesus, God was invisible. No one could attain to His contemplation, but only to the perception of His nature, which of course could only manifest as light, God Himself being pure light within, which sends out its rays. Yet wherever there is light, it is omnipresent; it permeates and quickens everything.  

Therefore, those who attained spiritually to the Deity, could perceive the Deity only as a life within the light, a floating and resting in the light, the blissful uniting with the light. When the man Jesus merged with the eternal GodSpirit within Him, the perception of the Deity for the one approaching It was totally different, - it was simply the approach of one man to the other and, therefore, the ancient seers are right, but so are the newer ones living after Me.

"After the fall of Lucifer, when the material world came into existence, the Spiritual Sun as the seat of the Deity was created. However, it was not to be understood as the only concentration. The light was present everywhere in the spiritual world, but prior to My earthly life this Spiritual Sun had not been visible to physical man as long as his soul was bound to his body. When it became visible, it was a crowning of the faith of the spirit-beings. For it was visible only to them, but now it can also be seen by any person who believes in Me as soon as his spiritual eye is opened, because the Man Jesus can at all times reveal His entire Kingdom to all who believe in Him. 

One primordial religion
"The question remains: Why are the same main features found in all the ancient religions?
If it were not so, it would merely surprise the one who has understood these revelations. For if these ancient religions are forerunners of the teaching of the Son of Man and Son of God, they must comprise the main features of the latter and not different ones. That the lives of individual teachers who arose show similarities with Mine is based on the same fact.

If the ancient Egyptian religion in its original main features, which through the later polytheism have only vaguely survived to our time, were entirely known, it would be said: The Christian religion has been taken from the ancient Egyptian one, so similar are they, particularly if the individual natures of Osiris, Isis and Horns were clearly recognized in their original meaning.

How did I succeed in breaking the tree of sin, not only breaking through the foliage?

First, let everyone clearly understand what it means ‘to sin‘! 

Many a person will quickly find the answer and say: Sin is everything that offends against God‘s will! This is quite true. But what is God‘s will and how does a man recognize it, who does not even believe in God, let alone recognize His will? 

Here, judgment must be made from the viewpoint of human life. No one can sin against God unless he has recognized Him. Just as nobody will be offended by a blind person who denies the existence of light, only because he does not see it, God will not oppress the one who in his foolishness does not recognize Him. Yet a blind man can offend his neighbor or another man whom, although he does not see him, he hears and feels and whose directly perceptible benefactions he can enjoy, by opposing him in some manner. He can sin against his love; for, in spite of his blindness he cannot refuse to acknowledge the existence of the same. 

Thus it is also with the spiritually blind, who can easily offend against the commandment of neighborly love, even though he does not recognize God. Neigborly love is the way to the love for God, - this has often been explained.

Jesus the redeemer
"Since the man Jesus complied with this commandment in the minutest detail, and that from his childhood, also the love for God in him kept growing so that, finally, he could merge with it. Sin had no hold over him; for he was striving to pass from the initially visible path of neigborly love, which manifests through external works, to the inner, invisible path of the love for God.

God had given Adam a commandment, namely, unconditional obedience. He disregarded it and fell. The man Jesus out of love voluntarily complied with this commandment to do nothing without the Father‘s will, thereby becoming the glowing example to follow. Thus, he attained within himself the level Adam could not attain, thereby reconciling within him the Deity, offended in Its holiness by the disregard of Its commandment.

Wisdom gave the commandment. The will, the strength, demanded compliance. Love found the way to fulfil the conditions in the man Jesus, so that he could bring back the former state of bliss for all beings. Herein lies the redemption that now this road leading directly to God is opened up, and that this road was walked by the Son of Man, Jesus, who thereby became the Son of God. The death of Jesus is the sealing of His unconditional obedience. It would not have been necessary. However, since mankind in its unlimited free will demanded it through Lucifer‘s influence, Jesus also submitted to this demand and died physically. 

Falling from one sin into another engenders an ever-growing hardness of soul. One speaks of stony hearts to express this condition. How far this can lead is unfathomable. Matter, the enjoyment of external things, keeps growing, and naturally the awareness of any spiritual-mental essential core becomes lost more and more.  

This hardening finally leads to an animal state, which knows nothing but preservation and procreation, without any spiritual, inner freedom. The salvation from such a state is only offered by a purely spiritual teaching which leads to a moral awareness of human dignity, and this teaching was given in unmistakable brevity and greatest possible clarity.  

Compliance with it bursts the chains of matter, loosens the bonds of earthly pleasure-seeking and, finally, leads the material desires and appetites into a state of the purest perception, where evil is recognized yet no longer done, because the personal self keeps shrinking more and more, whereas otherwise this self (egoism) keeps growing more and more. The more it disappears, the more the material bonds loosen, (soften) until, finally, they are no longer felt as such. 

Breaking the tree of sin
"Thus, the tree of sin was - and could be - broken only through Jesus, because he comprised within himself the very God-Spirit that had already given Adam the commandment, which he did not fulfil. 

One will now say: Where is the proof that this is so and that the earlier teachers did not achieve the same? For, what is stated here, is beyond human vision, is an innermost process about which none other than Jesus Himself can speak, whereas the outward process, the appearance of an excellent teacher, his conduct and good precepts, as well as his death, has occurred more than once.  

Why is here the tree of sin itself truly broken and there only the foliage broken through? The outward effect in the world is hardly perceptible, for sin flourishes at the moment as never before, - and by other than external signs mankind cannot judge! 

At first glance it does seem so, yet at a closer look it does not! 

Anyone walking the inner path will soon become aware of what it is truly like. The outward appearance means nothing; for it is an empty shell. He who does not want to walk the inner path, can be convinced or given a picture of this path as little as a blind man can be given a notion of colours. Here, the result decides. The path is there, enter upon it, - then judge! 

Without Me nobody can come to the Father, and without faith in Jesus no wise man has ever felt the almighty Deity as the First Cause of love, which can present itself as a person. The Invisible becomes visible only in Jesus, and this merging of both in the human form makes possible the drawing near of the created being to its Creator, the absorption of matter in spirit, the leading back of the sequence of sins committed upwards beyond the borderline between matter and spirit, points which otherwise cannot possibly touch. The bridge to it is the life of Jesus. - There arises now the question: How far actually could the deceased souls go prior to the death of the Son of Man?

Of course, they could, if they followed the teaching of one of the many earlier teachers, attain to cognition and inner happiness, but not ever to a contemplation of the personified Deity. 

This happened for the first time while the body of Jesus was lying in the tomb. There lay the purely earthly body, whereas the soul with its indwelling God-Spirit passed into the beyond and there showed itself to all as the One He is and was. 

This is only to be hinted at here. Later on, also this event shall be clearly explained. 

With this manifestation in the spirit-world began the building and populating of the New Jerusalem as the City of God, which will continue to exist forever".
end (m25-30-2)

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