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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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When I seem to say the least I say most - And where I seem to say the most, I just say as much as you can bear.


 I engendered Myself

(The Lord:) ‘Furthermore, since the Son has been from eternity, how could He be begotten? And if the Holy Spirit, too, has been from eternity, how could it originate from the Father and the Son? If, according to your understanding, the three divine personages contested by you, of whom later generations might easily make three Gods, are eternal, that is, without a beginning, one of them could not possibly have given the others their original being.

I am now as a man in the flesh before you the Son and was never begotten by anyone else but Myself and, thus I am My very own Father from eternity. Where else could then the Father be but in the Son and where else the Son but in the Father, thus one God and Father in one person.

This body of Mine is, therefore, the glorified form of the Father for the sake of men and angels, so that I may be to them a conceivable and visible God. Now you can see, hear and speak to Me and yet live, for formerly it was said that no one could see God and live. Thus, I am completely God; within Me is the Father, and the power emanating from Me through My love, wisdom and almighty will, actively filling endless space everywhere, is the Holy Spirit.

As you now see Me among you as a God-man, I am definitely here with you in this dining hall on the Mount of Olives with the center of My entire primordial being completely and undivided and am, therefore, nowhere else, as a truest God and man simultaneously, neither on this earth nor anywhere else. However, with the power emanating from Me, which is the Holy Spirit, I fill actively all the heavens and the earthly material as well as the endless space. I see everything, from the greatest to the smallest, know everything, am aware of everything, control, create, guide and rule everything.

Since you have now heard this from My mouth, you will also understand why you shall strengthen with the laying-on of hands in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit those people who believe in Me and act according to My teaching made known to them.

Having been given the reason why, you will now also understand that the stating of the three names will hardly lead people to imagining three divine personages, provided you teach them truthfully and correctly. But I earnestly urge you to give the people everywhere a proper and true light, for where that will be lacking men will easily and soon become stunted and submit to all kinds of false doctrines, and it will then be very difficult to lead them onto the path of full truth.

Yet you will not be able to prevent that, notwithstanding your faithfulness, there will arise false teachers and prophets and lead many people astray. For this you will not be made responsible as also a farmer who sowed pure wheat in his field, but whom at night his enemy sowed weeds among the wheat, cannot be blamed if weeds grow rankly among the wheat in his field, weakening the good fruit.

It is My love‘s desire that all men on this earth enter upon the lightfull paths of truth and walk thereon towards eternal life. But since, for reasons I have already told you, I have to withdraw completely with My omnipotence, every human being is absolutely free and may believe and do whatever he wishes.

In the spreading of My teaching you will have the most success if you work upon people‘s intellect and mind. Once the intellect and mind have been permeated with the teaching, faith becomes alive and successfully active through the good will. If the intellect and mind are not properly enlightened, faith remains but a dumb and blind acceptance of that which a person has been told by some authorized source. Such a faith, however, is practically no faith at all. It does not activate the mind to the voluntary deed which makes the heart happy and is, therefore, dead since it lacks the spontaneous and joy giving works.

Works to which man was compelled by an external ,must‘ are worthless to the soul; they do not quicken, but oppress it because they were not done spontaneously and joyfully with an inner conviction, -but for fear of a threatened punishment with secret resentment and anger.

What I advise you to observe yourselves, do tell also to your future disciples. I could, of course, also demand of you to believe Me what I tell and advise you without further explanations, for the signs I have worked before your eyes would surely provide Me with the authority that would compel you to believe Me; but such a forced faith is not by far as yet an inner light of the soul and does not animate it to a joyful deed.

That this is so, you are proving by your constant questions, by which you clearly show that the soul‘s faith in authority alone does not supply sufficient light at all and that only My explanations make up for this lack. If in addition to My worked signs and My teaching you still ask for clear explanations and these do help you, your disciples will be asking the same of you, and you shall give such abundantly if you want to do all you can towards putting a check on the appearance of false prophets.

What you will be impressing upon people‘s intellect and mind through words full of light will remain forever indestructible as living proof for the truth of the teaching from My Heavens. "

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