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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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3DT - Three days in the Temple
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The Father within Me is eternal love.

GGJ 06:230,2

 Who is God ?

We find many instructive references to God in Scripture but hardly ever before did God give a description and definition of Himself more precise and more clear as in His New Word through Jakob Lorber and the other two prophets/scribes. It is a huge calling card presented to a more mature mankind.

God, who introduced Himself as "Jesus Emanuel Yehova Zebaoth" (3D.30,9), is
  • pure love - the essence of God is love.
  • uncreated - God is the only being which was never created
  • unique - there is no other God
  • almighty - His power has no limit
  • all-knowing - His knowledge is unlimited
  • all-present - He is constantly present in every atom of the material universe, in the heart of every human and at the same time everywhere in the infinite space.
  • eternal - He had no beginning and has no end
  • infinite - His power extends into endless space and covers everything everywhere in infinity. This is why God is beyond comprehension. (GGJ.04:74.5; GGJ.007,71.10; HHG.2:164. 5-6)
God also manifests Himself (GGJ.04:257,10; HHG.2:139.20) as

  • Pure Spirit - He fills space in all directions.

    "I have put My Spirit into everything in
    creation, even the smallest atom, to enable matter to develop into something greater and higher".


  • Power center - This infinite Spirit has a substantially established center, a focal point where all the creative power is united into an active force.
  • Manlike being - This focal point of the power of God has human shape, the eternally most perfect man. This is why it is written that God made man "in His image" [GGJ.06:88.3; GGJ.05:74.4].
[GGJ.09:025,01] Says the Lord: "There you are right. Created man will, of course, never be able to compare himself to the actual primordial being of God. However, within created man there also dwells through God‘s eternal will, an uncreated, eternal spirit out of God, and this can be limited in man quite as little as in the actual primordial being of God Himself, since it is one with God."
God advising descendents of Adam:
[HHG.02:139,20] "So as to extricate you from your endlessly silly dreams I have taken pity on your folly and will give you a true light for your dark hearts, and So listen: What you call the infinity of space, is the Spirit of My Will, which from eternities had made this very endless space filling it throughout with beings of every kind. This Spirit has a personal central point in which all the power of this infinite Spirit is united into one activity, and this power center of the infinite Divine Spirit Being is Love, as the life of this very Spirit; and I am this Love from eternity.

"Although God‘s Spirit can actively manifest everywhere, as a person lt cannot manifest without love; but when God manifests in person He manifests if possible for finite beings such as you are through His love, which is the actual fundamental essence of God and the rallying-point of all might, power and holiness of the infinite Spirit.

"Behold, this is the essence of God in all truth and can only be grasped with the heart, but not ever with the intellect.

"God is out of Himself the supreme and most perfect original man, that is, this man is in himself a fire whose essence is love, a light whose essence is intelligence and wisdom, and a warmth whose essence is life itself in the fullest sphere of its self-awareness. 

As the intensity of the fire increases, so does that of the light, and the all-creating warmth grows mightier within the light and radiates into great distances, creating there as it does within itself. The created keeps absorbing more and more light and warmth; it shines and keeps eternally spreading from the original fire, the original light and the original warmth, forever pervading more and more the endless expanses of creation. 

And so everything has its origin in the o n e primordial being of God and keeps developing until it resembles the original nature of primordial man. Then it can exist out of God in independent freedom.   

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