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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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  Jesus and the Jews

Jesus is having the hardest time to convince templers (Pharisees and Levites) that He is the Messiah. Therefore He has to use "signs" (miracles) to help achieve His aim. And He is successful most of the time.

However, He performs signs only for those where He knows that He will be able to save people. With  Pharisees where not even miracles would make a difference He does not waste His time.

As far as signs (miracles) are concerned: In many instances we see that Jesus uses them to help speed up the conversion of the people He is talking to. No wonder, He only has three years to sow the seed of His new message for the whole world. Thus He visits as many people and places as possible supporting His sermons and discussions with signs.  

In GGJ.07:162 and 163 the Lord summons four templers, that is, the two Pharisees and the two Levites accompanying them, in order to work a sign for them to strengthen their faith. - The Lord narrates:

Said I: "You do realize now that I am the promised Messiah and that there will not be another after Me, but you do not yet understand that the Messiah is none other than the same Jehovah Who gave Moses the commandments on Sinai and, therefore, could on the last day of the feast claim of Himself: ‘Before Abraharn was, I  am!‘, and because of this you wanted to stone Me. In order that you may realize this, experience it and firmly believe, I shall work a special sign for you. Pay good attention to what is going to happen.

Jesus summons Abraham

"As a Lord over the spirit world also, I  now want Abraham to appear here and testify of Me. When he has come, you may speak with him yourselves."

Hereupon a cloud of light descended upon the hill and from the cloud stepped Abraham, bowed deeply before Me and said: "So much, and for such a long time, have I been looking forward to Your coming and now that I  have seen Your day on earth my joy is boundless. However, although my joy concerning You, O Lord Jehovah Zebaoth, is great, I  have little reason for joy about my descendants. In truth, the descendants of Hagar are in their own way considerably better than the descendants out of Sarah.

O Lord, Your love for this degraded generation and Your patience with it surpass all limits of Your endless creation!

When  I  once begged You to spare the ten cities with Sodorn and Gomorrah because of the few righteous, Your reply was bitter. You said You would spare them if only ten and, finally, if only two or three completely righteous men could be found there. Since even such could not be found, except for the one, Lot, You did not spare the ten cities, saved only Lot and everything else was consumed by fire.

Looking now at these descendants of mine, there is hardly one righteous to three times the number of dwellers in the ten cities of that time and You, O Lord, are sparing this wicked and adulterous generation. Notwithstanding Your boundless love and supreme patience, these miserable people even persecute You and make attempts on Your life.

Lord, let go of Your exceedingly great patience! O Lord, I waited such a long time for Isaac, and it was Your power that procreated him in the womb of Sarah. When he had become quite a hale and hearty boy, You demanded of me to sacrifice him to You in order to test my faith and my obedience. I submitted to Your will, but You Yourself prevented me from carrying out the commanded work and provided a billygoat to sacrifice instead of Isaac, whom You gave back to me. Oh, how my heart rejoiced!

However, it would have been better if I had sacrificed Isaac instead of the billygoat to prevent a generation going forth from him that already in the desert at the foot of Sinai began to worship a golden calf in Your most holy presence and has now become worse than the darkest heathens and other children of the world, who were procreated by the serpent through the great harlot Babel. O Lord, do stretch out Your right hand and destroy Your enemies!"

The spirit of Abraharn emphasized these words in a mighty and stern voice.

However, I said to him: "You are aware that henceforth not My zeal will judge men but they will be judging themselves. This is for the sake of the few righteous who have not yet bent their knees before the mammon of this world. So we shall now let the voluntarily dumb and blind world walk its own ways and thereby attract the judgment it is preparing for its downfall.

As for My true children, I Myself will guide them on the paths of light and life. Whatever can still be saved shall be saved, but whatever will not allow itself to be saved and freed from the self-created judgment and death shall receive what it desires.

If a person desires freedom and with it everlasting life, he shall receive it, whereas the one who prefers judgment and death shall receive that. Henceforth no Jew will be able to say: ‘I would have walked the paths of light if I had known about them!‘ -

I Myself have widely taught and been active. Still this day I will delegate some seventy disciples who will carry My teaching to even the most distant parts of the entire old land of the Jews and preach it to Gentiles and Jews. Within a year My original and first disciples will in My name carry this gospel into all the world. Good for everyone who will accept it and be guided by it in his life!"

Hereupon the spirit of Abraham once more bowed deeply to Me, thanked Me and vanished.

Said the two Pharisees: "Lord, Lord and Master from eternity, that was really an impressive sign. We are convinced that if also the other Pharisees could have seen all that, they would surely become quite as believing as we now are. Why do You not work such signs before them?"

Said I: "Because I know best how they would react to such a sign. You four are probably the last of the templers who could still be saved, with all the others nothing can be achieved. Nevertheless, I will still be teaching in the temple now and then and working signs, too, and you will be able to convince yourselves of how much this will impress the ternplers. In fact, many more people will yet begin to believe in me, but the great ones of the temple will never do it in this world."

Moses and Elijah testifying

[GGJ.07:163] (The Lord:) "Go on watching! In order to set your mind at rest, further witnesses from the beyond will be coming to tell you that I am the promised Messiah of the Jews and through them of all men on earth. You yourselves may choose whom you wish to see and talk to."

Said the two: "Lord, if this is Your will, let us see Moses and Elijah, for these two were probably Your two greatest prophets!"

Said I: "Certainly! Since you have chosen them, I will them to come!"

Upon these words of Mine, there was a flash from the clear sky like powerful lightning and the two witnesses were standing before the Pharisees stone-faced. They bowed deeply to Me, and Moses with a fervid glance pointed with his right hand to Elijah and said with a thunderous voice: "Do you know this one?"

This gave the two Pharisees a mighty shock and they were so scared that they were unable to reply, for they recognized in Elijah John the Baptist, towards whose arrest and beheading they themselves had contributed the most.

Elijah said: "Since the sharp axe is laid unto your root, you recognize that your judgment is imminent. It was high time for you to become converted, and as the Lord, the Almighty Himself, has been merciful with you, I, too, forgive you your outrage against me. However, a thousandfold woe to the ones who will lay their evil hands on the Lord‘s body! The judgment and the curse are already written in their faces."

Here the one Pharisee plucked up courage and said in a trembling voice: "O great prophet, who would ever have suspected the spirit of Elijah within you?"

Said Elijah: "Is it not written that Elijah will come to prepare the way for the Lord? Have you not read: ‘Behold, the voice of him crying in the wilderness: Prepare ye the way of the Lord. Behold, I will send My angel before you to make straight the way for your feet.‘ If you knew that, why did you not believe? Why did you persecute me and have persecuted the Lord also to this day?"

Said the Pharisee, very frightened: "O you great prophet, have patience with our great blindness which is the main reason for all the crimes perpetrated by us and through us!"

Said Elijah: "What the Lord has forgiven you shall be forgiven by us also, but beware of being again blinded by some new temptation, for from another abyss you would hardly ever be able to rise once more to the light."

Then the two prophets vanished and the Pharisees begged me to desist from working another similar sign, as this had already frightened them too much.

Said I: "If already this has so greatly frightened you, how would you feel if  I confronted you with the great number of those whom your vindictiveness and love of persecution has dispatched from this world in the most cruel way?"

Said the Pharisees: "O Lord and Master, spare us this, for it would be our death!"

Said I: "That would not happen as long as I am with you because of your faith, but one day you are sure to meet all those souls in the great beyond. What will you say to them if they forcibly call you to account before the throne of God?"

Said the Pharisees: "O Lord and Master from eternity, we are willing to do still in this world whatever You demand of us, but do save us from having to account for this in the beyond as we could not justify ourselves in a single case. Do advise us in your kindness and mercy what else we should do in order to one day in the beyond be spared this fear and torment. "

Said I: ‘I have already told you what to do and thereby you will gain light and life, but I tell you also that it is good for you to search your conscience closely and realize the magnitude of all your vices and the sins you have committed.

Once you have done this, you have disposed of your sins and you will abhor them and truly regret them in your heart. Then you will easily and effectively come to a firm resolution no longer to commit a sin and the wish to make amends to the best of your ability for any damage done to anyone will become increasingly alive within you. You will be unable to carry this out completely, especially concerning those who are already in the beyond, but I will accept your will for the deed and on your behalf make up for the harm you have caused.

However, you must take that to heart in all earnest, otherwise what the prophet Elijah has said to you could easily happen, for you will still have to resist many a temptation. An old flesh does not so easily rid itself of all its old habits as one imagines when one makes the first good resolution. You will be travelling with Me and yet, like My other disciples, you will have to face many a temptation by My side, while I shall still be walking on earth. Then it will become evident how weak your flesh still is, even when your spirit has already gained considerable strength. Therefore, it is necessary to make every possible effort to free the soul from the former imprisonment in the flesh. The only way to achieve this is to do what I have advised you, for sin leaves the soul to the same extent that this recognizes it as sin, regrets it, abhors it and no longer commits it."

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