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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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  Death and eternal Life
 In the Beyond

  • How do we perceive the beyond
  • Teaching and guidance of the souls
  • How about the person who committed suicide
  • How to pray for the dead

The experience of Julius Caesar.

How the beyond is perceived depends totally on the way the person behaved during its lifetime. In the following example Julius Caesar tells how he saw it. He had been summoned by Jesus with other deceased souls in order to explain to Jesus‘ disciples what happened to him after death.

How the beyond is perceived depends totally on the way the person behaved during its lifetime. In the following example Julius Caesar tells how he saw it. He had been summoned by Jesus with other deceased souls in order to explain to Jesus‘ disciples what happened to him after death.

[GGJ.07:218,12 on]
Said the Spirit (Julius Caesar): "Already in the world I  earned a bad reward for what I  had done only towards my own glory. Therefore, I  did not bring much good with me and my reward was great poverty. My worldly fame was here comparable to a dark night and I  saw only few little stars here and there shimmering through dense black clouds.

For a long time I  was all alone without any company and had no one but myself. I  could call, entreat, cry, walk around and search as much as I  pleased, but to no avail. I  called to all the gods, but there was no answer. After my sad and miserable state had lasted for a long time full of despair, I  thought of turning to the God of the Jews and then it became lighter around me and the few little stars became brighter and appeared to come closer to me. Noticing this I  put my whole trust in the God of the Jews and entreated Him to help me out of my great misery and torment.

The light around me again increased and a star lowered itself quite close to me and I  soon noticed that this star assumed a perfect human shape and this was a man for whom I  had once in the world done a truly good deed. And he said to me: ‘Good for you that in the night of your soul you have found the true God of the Jews! Banish your false gods and banish also your own greatest false god, your Caesar-glory; assume absolute humility, and I  shall take you into my house.‘

Then I  again prayed to the God of the Jews to take away from me the glory and all the false gods, whereupon also the other little stars came to me as men and said: ‘We have also been on earth, like you, but we were poor Jews, persecuted by your priests. But you protected us, presented us with gifts and helped us to once more return to our land. Now you are poor and possess nothing of all your earthly treasures, except what you did for us, and God has allowed us to come to you in order to reward you for the good done to us. If you want to walk with us without any glory, follow us and we shall give you shelter.‘

I followed and soon came into a delightful region. It was like a wide valley with a beautiful large lake. In the far distance the valley was surrounded by high and magnificent mountains. In the foreground there were some little houses of the type well known in the world as fishermen‘s huts where they are found in great numbers. At a greater distance I  saw still further, similar huts. The fields were of a luscious green. I  saw only few trees, but they were laden with the finest fruits.

Upon my arrival I  moved into the hut on the right hand, joining the friend who had come to me first in my great misery and found there immediately something to eat and drink. Everything was very simple, yet it gave me much more pleasure than my great treasures and palaces had ever given me in the world.

After I had stayed very happily in the hut and refreshed myself sufficiently, my friend led me again outside and we saw on the clear mirror of the lake‘s surface a boat and in it a man who with an oar rowed the boat towards us. I  asked my friend who that might be and he said: ‘This one comes to us from time to time across the to us unknown expanse of the lake and always tells us in a very friendly manner what we further have to do. Then it is back to work again. We once more take up the indicated work, do it with diligence, joy and pleasure, and our effort is at all times blessed by the God of the Jews. When we came to this region, as you have now done, it still looked very empty and desolate, and only through our diligence and effort has it come to be in this thriving state. Henceforth you, too, will be wanting to work with us and thereby you will receive the blessing we are enjoying.‘

(07/219) (Julius Caesar:) "This gave me great joy and I  accompanied my friend to the shore of the lake. The skipper soon landed and said: ‘Up there on the right shore of the lake there is still a bad swamp harboring all kinds of evil vermin which sometimes pollutes the air of this region. This swamp you shall drain. Carry good soil into it until the swampy meadow, which is not very large, has been filled up, and thereby you will improve this region considerably and gain another fertile tract of land.‘ The friend and I , too, thanked him happily for this advice. He then departed without delay and we immediately set to work on this truly hard job.

In the house we found also the implements required for the suggested work. We took them joyfully, went to the indicated spot and began to work. But the sight of the considerable swamp scared me, for it was full of all kinds of the most horrible vermin in such numbers that I  said to the friend: ‘Listen, it would take us at least a full hundred earth years until we have drained this swamp.‘

Said the friend: ‘What are such past earth-times to us! There is no such time here, only one and the same eternal day and our time lies in our will. The swamp is but a necessary manifestation of the inner impurity still prevailing in your heart, and it is here above all your task to cleanse yourself through the earnest will and through patience which on earth was unknown to you. I  am willing to help you, and so also this loathsome swamp will soon and easily be converted into fertile land.‘

Hearing this, I  strengthened my will and began to work with great patience. At the outset it did not look as if this swamp could ever be filled up, but gradually it became apparent that our work was not futile and so the bad swamp was soon filled completely with good soil, the vermin were squashed and buried for all times by the weight of the earth and we gained a good and beautiful tract of land. There we soon erected a new dwelling ready to receive new arrivals whom we usually help in their progress, just as the friend had helped me.

The skipper has been to see us several times since then and has always suggested new tasks which we performed, thereby transforming our region into a veritable Eden. I  am still living there and do not wish for anything higher, finer and better. Therefore, do relinquish already in this world everything that is great and valuable in a worldly sense, for in our world beyond only truly noble and good works and deeds are of any value.‘

Said hereupon, quite amazed, the severe eminent Councilor to the spirit of Julius Caesar: "Where on earth is this region to be found, which you have so faithfully described?"

Said Julius Caesar: "The described region is nowhere on this earth, yet its location can be everywhere; for wherever I am there is also this region. I have gradually recognized that the place, the region and everything that in our world surrounds me as apparently dead matter has grown out of me like a tree out of the ground -; that is, I  myself am the creator of the world in which I  dwell. Because I and my friends are of the same love, of the same will and, thus, of the same way of thinking we also dwell in the same region. However, also countless other spirits can dwell in the same spot, yet each one in a different region. That is the great difference between us as spirits and you who are still mortal men."

Said the Councilor: "This I cannot understand! How can several districts and regions be in one and the same spot?"

Said Julius Caesar: "Oh, this is quite easy, and actually quite natural, too! Look, a hundred people, for instance, may be sleeping in one and the same room and all of them are dreaming. One is in Rome, another in Athens, a third in Jerusalem, a fourth in Alexandria and so on, each of them in a different place, which he sees so vividly that he cannot cease talking about it the next day. How is this possible? All the hundred are in one and the same room - and yet each of them is in a completely different region. And what if there are thousands of people in a field, but every one of them sees at the same moment something different?

Look, this is approximately how things are in the other, or rather, in our spirit world. There is just this difference between our world and yours: We spirits actually live in our very own world, whereas you live in God‘s world. Our world is the work of our thoughts, ideas, desires and will, but your world is the work of God‘s love, thoughts, ideas and will.

Man is in the image of God, possesses creativity and in the purely spiritual state is able to create his own world and, thus, dwell in what is his very own property. This you will surely have understood?"

Says the Councilor: "Then all the people around you are also your works and your property in the world which has gone forth from you, like an illusion."

Said Julius Caesar: "That is correct to a point; but I  could not picture them against their will, even less associate with them, see, hear and talk to them. This is also very similar to the seeing, hearing and perceiving of the fellowmen in this world. For you do not see the real person either, only his image within you. You perceive him only through your own perception and you hear the sound of his speech in your ear which is arranged in such a way that it reproduces the sounds coming to it through the air. However, if you are blind, deaf and lack the sense of feeling, a fellowman does not exist for you, even if he were at your elbow. But also if you do hear, see and feel and in your mind imagine ever so many people, - if there is no one there, you will still not see, hear and feel anyone.

And so also in the spirit world the spirit with whom you wish to associate must be there, at least with his will, love and recognition. Without this, you are alone, or the people you might be seeing for some moments would be but phantoms of your imagination without beingness or reality and you would have no communication with them, for whatever they had would, in fact, be yours.

Therein also consists the never changing, endlessly great difference between God and us men, who are similar to Him, in as much as God alone can out of His great thoughts call forth men into perfect, independent and free existence, whereas we spirits can call into visible existence at the most phantoms, but not realities. Thus, the world in which a spirit dwells is a phantom world rather than a real one, for more perfected spirits have allowed me to see their world in one and the same spot, and such a world looked very different from the one in which I  am dwelling. However, only once you have yourself become a dweller in your inner spiritual world will you understand this completely."

Teaching and guidance of souls:
In preparation.


The biggest stupidity a human being can do is suicide. This is the one of the few instances where God remains strict.

Throwing his/her life away which the Lord has given out of His love, is a direct affront.

God says that these people will not be able to achieve perfection (heaven) ever.

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