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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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 The Safest Investment

  • Love God
  • Love your neighbor
  • Give generously to the poor, the exploited, the children
Setting: Jesus as a child talking with the Roman governor Cyrenius about compensation: [Childhood of Jesus 01:150,18-21]
And in his stead the Baby Jesus sat up, smiled at Cyrenius and stated: "My dear Cyrenius Quirinus, I tell you truly: If you had adopted only one poor soul in My name, you would already have done more than the value of ten thousand such ships could equal! But you have now provided for several hundred in a short time, and I would have to give you ever so many such ships for it to recompense you on earth for that.

"Behold, with Me one human being is worth more than a whole world full of such ships! So do not be concerned because of your imagined debt. What you do for the poor, that you also do for Me. And for that I shall not reward you here on earth, but when you die I shall promptly awaken your soul and make you equal with these My servants here who repaired the ship.‘

Here Cyrenius wept and avowed that from now on he would devote his whole life to the welfare of the poor and afflicted among mankind. And the Baby lifted up His hand and said, ‘Amen‘ and thereupon blessed Cyrenius and the ship.
God‘s advice on investing.
 Do not lend money to those who can pay it back with high interest. Lend it to the truly poor and needy. This way your money will be invested in heaven at high interest and the Father in heaven will pay you principal with interest  for ever.

Also do not avariciously seek the world‘s praise, thanks and reward for your good deeds; If you do this for wordly reasons, what recompense shall you have in heaven? I tell you: he who on earth asks for and receives any kind of return because of a good deed to the poor brothers, his reward in heaven will be gone.

He who works because of heaven will be rewarded temporally and, later, eternally: but he who works because of the world will no doubt get from the world a disdainful and transient remuneration but in heaven he will find his account book empty and his reward gone and it will be difficult to end his spiritual poverty. [GGJ.01:222,08-10]

Invest in indestructible spiritual treasures
[GGJ 04/96.01]
(The Lord:) "Do not imagine that a world, even as small as this earth, can be created overnight and immediately populated. It takes eons of earth years until a world like this small earth is mature enough to produce a human being. How many plant and animal species were necessary to form through their decay and rotting that humus from which a strong primary soul could take its body and organize it in a way that it could serve the soul and be capable of reproducing its own kind, so that the complete, free but not yet incarnated souls might no longer have to spend hundreds of years condensing a body out of the vapors, but will be able to produce the same on a much shorter route in a womb fully equipped for that task. All this requires much time, wisdom, patience and limitless power. But the creative process will not cease as long as I shall conceive thoughts and ideas out of Myself, and in turn you out of Me.

 [3 on] Where there is much to do, however, there is also much to serve. Therefore, be aspiring already here and gather spiritual treasures which will last for the whole of eternity. It is easy here to gather into the storerooms of the heart, for here every service done out of love for God and the fellowman turns into pure gold, and anyone acquiring it here will not be short of it in the beyond."

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